Summer Blues

Every summer, as if it’s new, I feel blue.  I am surprised to find myself feeling this way every year. That is not what is supposed to happen. Summer is a time for freedom, relaxation, family.  For me summer is isolation, idleness, contemplation, and frustration.  I thrive when I am busy and purposeful. I wilt when I am not needed. I feel blue. I have too much time on my hands and prolific thoughts that never cease. I find myself whiling away the days accomplishing little more than breathing in and out all day, binge watching TV, and sitting on my ass thinking I should probably get up an exercise or something. Then I lean back in my chair or on my pillows and continue to breath and think and watch and wait for the school year to start again so I can be productive. I hate the summer blues.


Let’s get bored

Thinking we need regular camping trips or 1 day a week of no screens for the whole family- because I believe this.

Preston's Blog


When I was in China last fall I watched a teenage girl on a Beijing subway say goodbye to a friend getting off at a stop. As soon as they had waved goodbye and the doors closed, the girl pulled out her phone and began thumbing away.

This reminded me that these days, all around the world, it no longer looks “normal” to be doing nothing — even on trains, in elevators, in waiting rooms, standing in lines, or walking down the street.

Since we can now bring our personal entertainment environments with us everywhere in the form of phones, tablets and headgear (like Google Glass), all locations and situations are becoming our personal entertainment environments.

We no longer have to be bored in traditionally boring situations…and are likely never to be bored again.

That’s great, right? Or is it…

The continually advancing capabilities of devices (and the media hype…

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I’m a very inspiring blogger, or so I’ve been told.

Writeinthewrongway very generously honored me with this award today.  Which means a lot to me because it leads me to believe that someone is actually reading my posts.  It comes with a pay it forward clause though which I appreciate- because what is one good turn without another? Here are the stipulations;

1. Display the Award Certificate on your website. 

2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented you with the award. 

3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers.  (see my next thought)

4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have linked them in the post. 

5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself. 

So rule number 3. . . Yeah. .  . I don’t know that many yet. I’m still a newbie only weeks old.  So I don’t have 15 bloggers that I follow yet.

 I will however honor who I do follow.

1. an exhausted mom’s journey to publication– Someone I relate to since she is on a mission of her own.

2. The live simply blog– always looking for insight on how to not ‘want’ as much as I do.

3. HarshReality– I can appreciate is openness and desire to share

4. Zero-Knowledge Proofs-providing insight into bettering my career practices.

5. ihaveanopinionidliketoshare– just found this morning thanks to this award. I love her candor and I can relate to the pregnancy woes.

6. Write in the wrong way– I love your candor and support.  Thanks again.

Okay so I’m sure I will find more fabulous blogs, bit for now there it is.

Now for 7 interesting things about myself.

1. I hate making decision for fear I will choose wrong.

2. My favorite thing to do as a mom is cuddle with my daughters.

3. I love solving puzzles of all kinds.

4. I love drinking Dr. Pepper.

5. I have been teaching for over a decade.

6. I lament the loss of customer service and chivalry.

7. Candy Crush frustrates the hell out of me and I can’t stop playing.

So there it is. Paid forward.  Please let me know if I did something wrong with the links- it’s my first time linking.

Perception Without Astigmatism


I remember the day I put on my first pair of prescription glasses.  I was young, elementary school age.  I walked out of the eye-glass store and just. . . marveled. Everything was so vibrantly clear. Colors seemed brighter. Everything was so crisp.  I could see nuance I had been missing all of my life, however short it was. I had asked my mother, “Why does everything look so clean?”

My eyesight wasn’t very bad to begin with.  I had a simple astigmatism in one eye and slightly less than perfect vision to go with it.  And as I recall, I didn’t wear my glasses much.  I wonder why?

This memory came to mind today because my eyes are tired. So I am wearing my glasses.  I stepped outside with them on, which is rare for me, and again everything seemed so vibrantly clear.

It got me to consider for a moment how unclear things appear when in reality it is our vision that is flawed. Our perception colored by our individual realities. How many of us have an astigmatism in other ways?  Weakness in how we perceive reality? Morality? Society? Humanity?  Are our eyes tired?  Are we tired?  What is it going to take to ‘see’ clearly?  What would it be to have the crystal clear, high-definition view of what we are immersed in, unfettered by others negativity, criticism, judgment, or manipulation.  Just to be free to enjoy the view. I want those glasses!

The visual perception - Photography Course - L...

The visual perception – Photography Course – Lesson 17 (Photo credit: Marco Crupi Visual Artist)