Perception Without Astigmatism


I remember the day I put on my first pair of prescription glasses.  I was young, elementary school age.  I walked out of the eye-glass store and just. . . marveled. Everything was so vibrantly clear. Colors seemed brighter. Everything was so crisp.  I could see nuance I had been missing all of my life, however short it was. I had asked my mother, “Why does everything look so clean?”

My eyesight wasn’t very bad to begin with.  I had a simple astigmatism in one eye and slightly less than perfect vision to go with it.  And as I recall, I didn’t wear my glasses much.  I wonder why?

This memory came to mind today because my eyes are tired. So I am wearing my glasses.  I stepped outside with them on, which is rare for me, and again everything seemed so vibrantly clear.

It got me to consider for a moment how unclear things appear when in reality it is our vision that is flawed. Our perception colored by our individual realities. How many of us have an astigmatism in other ways?  Weakness in how we perceive reality? Morality? Society? Humanity?  Are our eyes tired?  Are we tired?  What is it going to take to ‘see’ clearly?  What would it be to have the crystal clear, high-definition view of what we are immersed in, unfettered by others negativity, criticism, judgment, or manipulation.  Just to be free to enjoy the view. I want those glasses!

The visual perception - Photography Course - L...

The visual perception – Photography Course – Lesson 17 (Photo credit: Marco Crupi Visual Artist)