No better. No worse. No comparison.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were made to feel worse? Like when someone at school gets a better grade and brags it. Or when somebody compares you to somebody else and implies you are the one who is lacking. We’ve all been made to feel worse as some time or another. That feeling sucks, huh? Some dwell on it, repeat it over again in their thoughts, words, or actions trying to understand why or how it happened, or figure out who was really responsible. Some make it worse by reacting without thinking and snapping at innocent bystanders or loved ones in an effort to share that ‘I feel worse’ sucky feeling and get it off their own back rubbing it onto someone else’s in the process. All this does is allow the sucky to cling on and hang around. Others live through it and shrug it off like a coat that is suddenly disgustingly dirty. It’s sucks! Shed it! Because you realize it’s not about worse, or fault  or blame, it’s just what IS. No comparison. No worse. Just IS.

You should never feel worse in comparison to someone else. To never feel worse, you have to erase the possibility of worse, and to do that you have to erase better. You have to erase the comparison, leaving no possibility for you to be judged (or judge yourself) as worse than. In turn, you are not better than anyone else. So doing things with the intention of outlasting, outshining, outperforming, outsmarting, outDOING is pointless. These intentions imply an outlier, the one who stands out in comparison to everyone else. I’m imaging that outlier didn’t get itself out their by knocking down other data, or people as it were. Not by standing among the other data and thinking,

I’m better than you.


I’m worse than you

But by already being there. Already being what it is. Whatever differences being natural or hard-earned. Even if differences are contrived or connived they ARE. The outlier didn’t get there by being better or worse in comparison. It got there by BEING an outlier.

There is no better. There is no worse. There is only what is. No point in comparing. No point in lamenting. If you don’t like it, instead of begrudging others, plan and work toward better. Or if you love it, instead of shoving it in someone else’s face enjoy it and count your blessings.